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76 WINTER 2014 K KEENELAND.COM pasta guys is packed to the rafters. "We just had one stainless steel table, a fridge, a three-compartment sink, our new fve-pound pasta-mak- ing machine, rolling pin, cutter, and KitchenAid." Feeling more and more secure in their restaurant wholesale business, the "Pasta Guys" decided it was time to try the retail market. The local Farmers Market seemed the perfect outlet. For that frst weekend they made 20 pounds of pasta, packaged in 4-ounce individual servings in a Ziplock bag. "We got up at 6 a.m.," says Gonzalez. "We were excited. But by 10 a.m. the pasta was all gone." The following week they made 50 pounds, but previous customers had returned and brought their friends. They were sold out by 11 a.m. Meeting their growing restaurant demands as well as pre- paring for the Farmers Market often meant staying up all Friday night. "One of our biggest challenges," said Lesme, "was teaching people how to cook and eat fresh pasta. Most people were over- The partners discuss outftting their soon-to-open pasta-making plant and café on Delaware Avenue.

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