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KEENELAND.COM K WINTER 2014 75 An order that took two people 20 hours of sweat, exhaustion, and tears was billed at $80. "To be honest," Romero says, "it wasn't about the money; it was that someone fnal- ly liked our product. We were doing some- thing right, even if it was almost free." Meanwhile, with Bellini's as a converted customer, word started to spread among chefs. Suddenly Portofno, Dudley's, Azur, and Deauville were lining up for sup- plies of fresh pasta. Some wanted specif- ic shapes, cuts, favors, and portion sizes, and Gonzalez and Romero said "sure" and obliged. But the time had come to take the business seriously. Moving out of Gonzalez's basement, they rented a licensed commercial kitchen for six months and addressed the pressing need for a more workhorse-like pasta machine. Despite the seller's advice, they decided to buy a smaller machine that was capable of making fve pounds of pasta an hour. Neither could imagine needing anything bigger — ever. It cost $7,000 as opposed to $13,000 for the larger recommended mod- el. They put it on their credit card. Romero looks back and says, "We thought the ven- dor was trying to up-sell us, but he was right in his assessment of our needs, and we were wrong. These days we only use the La Mon- ferina for cooking classes." Wanting a more permanent space, they found their present downtown loca- tion, a converted two-car garage on North Limestone Street, and again moved. "This place seemed so big," Romero says, look- ing around a space that fve years later Central Kentucky's Farm and Turf Equipment Specialists Serving the Equine Industry and the Bluegrass Community Since 1972. Celebrating 40 years in business. 791 Red Mile Road ■ Lexington, KY 40504 ■ (859)253-2611 ■ (866)855-9738 Toll Free ■ ® ® anne m. eberhardt photo Ravioli in various stages of completion awaits fnal packaging.

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