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66 WINTER 2014 K KEENELAND.COM if these walls... train station to Cheapside, again cheered by thousands. The Bodley-Bullock House had come full circle with its frst and last private owners serving in wars. Bullock, who retired from practice shortly after World War II in 1946, died in 1953 and his wife died in 1970. Minnie Bullock willed the house to Transylva- nia University, and the Junior League was awarded long-term use of the house in 1984. The league renovated the house and garden, winning the Ida Lee Willis Me- morial Foundation Award for historical preservation. Since 1986, when the resto- ration was completed, the league has maintained its Lexington headquarters at the house. One day early this past summer, as the annual Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show neared, the league's leasing offce on the Bodley-Bullock property was pulling double duty: as temporary storage for an overfow of trophies and rib- bons to be awarded at the horse event. The house that has played so many roles through the years was flling yet another purpose. Ghost and all, the Bodley-Bullock House has stood as a stalwart of Lexington through 200 years, a window to the past that continues to fll an important niche in the present. KM Situated throughout the house are trophies belonging to the Junior League of Lexington, which leases the Bodley-Bullock House.

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