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KEENELAND.COM K WINTER 2014 47 them have the nasogastric tube taken out and see them realize they need to drink from something." The next step, Hewlett said, is to introduce the flly to her sub- stitute dam, a local nurse mare. "She's never seen another mare, so she'll fgure out now that the nurses here are not her real mother," Hewlett said. "She got a little bit attached to some of the girls here. That can happen because that's all some of these foals have seen." Hewlett manages about 30 veterinary technicians and assistant technicians in the McGee Medicine Center, the department that includes the NICU. The work is physical and intense, and good time-management skills are a must, says Hewlett. "Because you are on the clock," she explained. "Every pa- tient has a chart, and it's hour by hour. I probably look at my watch several hundred times a day because you have to be on time with your treatments." Work in the NICU is highly demanding. During Thoroughbred foaling season at least two veterinarians are at the unit at all times, and primary-care vets in the NICU must all be board-certifed, which requires additional training after vet school. Technicians, too, under- go rigorous training at Hagyard. "The foals are so fragile that they can change the clinical pic- ture within hours or minutes," Slovis said. "It really challenges the veterinarians to be on their A game. There's no such thing as a B game or a junior varsity league. If you and your technicians don't bring your A game, you will not catch subtle signs that your pa- "We do pretty much everything they do in a children's hospital," said tech coordinator Lynne Hewlett. Identifiers of Class | Developers of Talent | Providers of Sport INTERNATIONAL 2014 G1 Winner 3YO EURO CHARLINE Winner of the Beverly D. Stakes (G1) Top Rated Female Turf Runner in North America Toroughbred Racing Partnerships Since 1987

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