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KEENELAND.COM K WINTER 2014 45 mature foals, foals that were deprived of oxygen during birth, foals with angular limb deformities that require splints or casts, and foals with infections. "We see ruptured blad- ders; we had a foal earlier this week who needed to be on a ventilator," she said. "We do pretty much everything in our neonatal ICU that they do in a children's hospital." "We're blessed to have some of the world's best clients who give us the opportunity to stretch our knowledge of veterinary medi- cine and our treatments," said Slovis. "When we treat a foal, we can learn from that, and we can save other animals down the line." Sometimes, Slovis adds, data and knowl- edge about drugs in the equine veterinary feld also can give back to the human med- ical feld. "Sometimes a human research- er can take that data and say, 'It seems to be safe in a mammal; let's investigate this further for human use,'" he said. "It's a way horses can give back to human medicine." Going the extra step Hagyard's 13-stall NICU feels surprising- ly like a human hospital in many respects: the clean, brightly lighted building, the whiff of disinfectant, the rolling carts of medical equipment, and the busy, highly organized staff quietly working with patients. But the equine facility is specifcally for foals ages two weeks or younger and is designed to accommodate both foals and their dams, with wide aisles and spacious stalls that are bedded deeply with golden straw and lined with thick blue bumper pads that prevent wobbly or recumbent foals from banging Hagyard's Dr. Stuart Brown, also a breeder, knows the NICU's benefts frst-hand. Much more than a classroom. A degree in agriculture offers you more career options than you might expect. Earn a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences with a choice of options: • Agribusiness • Agriculture Education • Agronomy • Animal Science • Equine Science • General Agriculture • Golf Course Management • Horticulture • Veterinary Science MSU also offers two- and four-year degrees in veterinary technology. For more information, call 800-585-6781 or visit MSU is an affi rmative action, equal opportunity, educational institution. MOREHEAD STATE UNIVERSITY Department of Agricultural Sciences Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare & Instagram.

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