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Unmistakable Style Thoroughbred owner Helen Alexander frst saw Carter's 'trendy.' I want someone work in a Keeneland magazine article several years ago and was who's 25 years old or 75 so impressed by pictures of his own living room that she asked years old to walk into the him for ideas on updating her Middlebrook horse farm. same room and love it. I "Now, I will admit that I am not the easiest person to please," Above, Carter did a top-to-bottom renovation of this Richmond Road home, built in 1924. Pictured are the entrance and the living room. want some permanence. I she said with a laugh. "So I was absolutely amazed when I re- want everything to be as beautiful in 10 years as it is now. l ally liked every single idea, every sketch, every fabric that this love simplicity," he said. "Coco Chanel said a woman should young man brought out for me to look at in our frst get-togeth- get all dressed to go out and then take one thing off before er. It was like a meeting of the minds. We just clicked." She was she heads out the door. I usually take one thing out of a room so thrilled with the fnished farm that she had Carter work his after it's done." same magic on her house in Palm Beach. While there is no locked-in "Matt Carter look," there is, for When Lucy Young Hamilton and husband William Hamilton sure, a "Matt Carter mood" in all of his work — one of sophis- decided to convert a century-old winery in Napa Valley into ticated serenity, of tranquil colors … creamy golds and ivories, their second home, they didn't consider anyone but Carter as mellow grays, and soft taupes. Choosing the colors is his frst, their designer. "I can't say enough about him," Lucy said. "I've all-important step in decorating any room. worked with him for years now. I feel his taste is fawless." So, what does Matt Carter himself say about his success? What is his secret? Is there a "Matt Carter Signature Look?" "I don't like color overload, but I do like contrast," he said, "like a beautiful antique that stands out in a contemporary room." Over time his taste has become more eclectic. "No," he said frmly. "The only signature look I ever want is "I'm truly inspired by traveling and visiting museums and that a room is beautiful and comfortable. I don't want it ever little antique shops in great cities and meeting fascinating peo- to look like a decorator has just been there. I dread anything ple. Those all give me fresh ideas. Those are the biggest things 52 KEENELAND WINTER 2013

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