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Unmistakable Style Matthew Carter Interiors. We've come to ask the secret of his enormous success. Seated at his massive work table, slim and trim in his immaculately crisp white shirt, and with his boyish brown hair, Carter reviews samples with client Greg Goodman, owner of Mt. Brilliant Farm. Goodman praises the designer for his ability to listen. Chris Young, who is the general manager of Overbrook Farm, has been one of Carter's closest friends since Carter looks much younger than his 39 years (picture a less high school. Today, he and boisterous Tom Cruise). He wears the calm confdence of a man his wife, Josefne, are among Carter's delighted clients in the whose life is a perfect ft. In fact, he is one of those fortunate Thoroughbred industry. Recently, Carter did the complete deco- few people for whom a single moment clicked the future into ration of their Chevy Chase home. place as neatly as the last piece of a Rubik's Cube. "All Matt's buddies knew he was crazy about houses and "I always knew that I wanted to grow up and do something in how he insisted that everything had to look just right. In fact, art or architecture or houses or gardens, but I didn't know what we went through a lot of phases with him," Young said with a or how to do it," he said. "Then, one day when I was about 14, chuckle. "One year his mom gave him permission to redecorate I was at a friend's house and I casually picked up his parents' his bedroom and everything had to be gilded. There was gold copy of Architectural Digest. It was like a thunderbolt hit me. For leaf everywhere. Next, there was his "bare foor" phase, and then the frst time it registered on me that creating beautiful rooms his English Country phase. We kidded him a lot, but whatever could be a real career, a true profession. That people actually he did always looked great. You could always trust his taste." could do this for a livelihood. That was the moment when I The frst Carter career step came in high school when he made my mind up to become an interior designer. I began read- entered Henry Clay's "mentoring program" and began intern- ing every design magazine I could get my hands on. While all ing at the Design Center, a downtown Lexington decorating my friends were reading Sports Illustrated or Playboy, I was read- showroom and shop. He did "go fer" duty, putting price tags ing House and Garden and House Beautiful." on fabrics, keeping the resource room updated, and shadow- That was no surprise to his family or friends. 48 KEENELAND WINTER 2013 ing the three designers. "Mostly I just watched, listened, and

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