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Unmistakable Style Lexington's Matt Carter is the interior designer of choice among discriminating Thoroughbred horse people By Sue Wylie | Photos by Lee Thomas O ne day when Matt Carter was 16 years old, he looked around his family's living room and decided that the rug had to go. And, come to think of it, the sofa bothered him too. It would look so much better over there, and that table should go over here and that painting positively screamed to be hung somewhere else. What luck his family was out of town! Picking up the phone, he summoned some of his Henry Clay High School buddies, and under his very self-assured directions, the offensive rug was rolled up and exiled to the basement and all the furniture rearranged. When his family returned … surprise! They walked into a dramatically different living room than the one they had left. KEENELAND WINTER 2013 45

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