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Paradise Maintained Above, despite storm damage over its many years of existence, a massive catalpa tree still rules the patio spaces. D iscovering the home of high-profle Lexington developer Dudley Webb and his wife, Marla, is like fnding a very large secret garden in a most unlikely place. The neighborhood is clustered with gas stations, fast food businesses, an old cemetery — nothing that indicates the size and nature of the historic property. There is a gated front entrance on Versailles Road, but any view of the house and its surroundings is completely obscured by dense woods. To approach the property from the rear is to discover one of Lexington's most intriguing streets, "The Lane." Angling off from Mason-Headley Road, across from Cardinal Hill Hospital, the road has the secretive appeal of a forest path. Heavy tree growth and shrubs shroud the right side of the road; a high chain link fence topped by more wire only adds to the mystery. The property runs a considerable distance, past an old silo that seems to loom overhead as it forces a sudden twist in the road. There are other houses up and down The Lane, mostly in a split ranch or Cape Cod style, but the hidden property dominates by its size and forbidding look. 32 KEENELAND WINTER 2013

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